Should You Bother Getting Your iPhone Battery Changed

If taken care of nicely, your iPhone will last for many years, but like every other device with a battery, you’ll see a decline in it’s battery life over time. You might even need to get the battery changed if you really want your iPhone to last for a long time. As we keep charging and discharging our smart phones on a daily bases, the Li-ion batteries inside them start losing their capacity and we gradually need to charge our devices more often. Replacing the battery of your phone can help you avoid buying a new one, especially of you’re still satisfied with the features that your current device has.
iPhone Battery Replacement Options Officially By Apple Apple provides battery replacement service for all the devices that they’ve released. This service is available for both the in and out of warranty Apple devices. Apple certainly has some conditions, but most of the older devices should still qualify for a battery replacement. You can get more information in Apple stores and on the official Apple website. Authorized Service Providers Apple also trains and certifies repair staff and they are allowed to work in the Apple authorized repair shops. Tye warranty is protected if you get the repair from these stores, and you’ll get everything straight from Apple. Repair Shops One thing that is good about these repair shops is that they often charge less than Apple does for a battery replacement. When looking to get their services, make sure that their staff is well trained, and that your iPhone won’t be damaged in the process. Also, your warranty will end (if you have any). If you still don’t want to change the battery of your old iPhone, you can follow the tips mentioned here and maximize the battery life of your iPhone.