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Car rental license

Dubai is one of the countries on the face of the earth with a very strong tourist market. People from all over the world flock top Dubai to see beautiful scenery and to enjoy all the riches that the country has to offer. Also, the country has a relatively huge transient expat population that make is the ideal market for one to establish a car rental business and take advantage of the goodies of the country. Dubai also has several major car rental businesses in operation and that is why you should expect to face some stiff competition as a new entrant. As a consumer, when you need to luxury rent a car dubai should be your place of choice.

Even with the competition it is still possible to establish a brand and compete with some of the big names in the industry. To set up a car rental business, you will need to find a location for your physical offices. There are minimum requirements set by the government regarding business office. Because a car rental business involves having a fleet of cars, you should pick a location that has plenty of parking space to keep your cars. The location should also be centrally placed within the town center so that clients can access your cars with more convenience. Try to locate your offices new an airport if you can. You will also need to obtain a car rental license before your business becomes operational. You will have to meet certain conditions before you are issued with a license by the government. If you are a foreigner in Dubai,